Serious Sanitation Issues To Know About When You're Helping A Friend Clean Up Their Hoarded House

Posted on: 17 February 2023

Hoarding is often much more than simply holding on to clutter. There could also be serious sanitation issues with the house due to neglect. That's why it's often best to hire a hoarding sanitation cleanup company to help out with a hoarding situation. Plus, the physical act of clearing out old clutter could be too overwhelming for a person to do alone.

If you have a hoarder friend and you're trying to help clean up their home, it's important to understand the sanitation threats that could be in the house. Here's a look at a few of them and how a hoarding sanitation company can help you deal with the issues.

Rotting Food In The Refrigerator

A hoarder can leave food in the refrigerator so long that it rots. In fact, the refrigerator might be full of rotten food. When the refrigerator and freezer are full, food may be left out on the counter or anywhere else in the house where the hoarder eats. Rotten food is a sanitation hazard, and it attracts pests.

If you encounter rotten food, be sure to wear gloves and other protective gear before you handle it to throw it out. A refrigerator that's full of rotten food might need to be thrown out too. The food should definitely be thrown out so your hoarder friend doesn't get confused and try to eat something that's spoiled.

However, a hoarder may not want to part with food even if it's rotten. That's another reason working with hoarding professionals is advised. They know how to deal with people who insist on holding onto things that have no value and can even be dangerous.

Mold Throughout The House

Mold is a common issue in a hoarder's house. Clothing and fabrics can draw dampness and start to mildew. A hoarder may not keep up with home repairs since pipes are difficult to reach and they may not want anyone coming to their house.

There might be plumbing drips, a roof leak, or even a backed-up toilet in the house. The excess moisture helps mold to grow. A backed-up toilet can be a toxic situation by itself. It's a good idea to wear a mask and protective clothing when you start working in a hoarder's house since you never know what you might uncover when you start clearing out layers of clutter.

If you see a serious issue such as human waste on the floor, let a hoarding professional handle cleaning since they know how to stay safe and they have the supplies and equipment to clean nearly anything.

Rodent Droppings And Urine

If your friend leaves food leftovers in the clutter, the food will probably attract roaches and rodents. Rodents can cause serious health problems if they happen to be carrying diseases. If the hoarding has been going on for a long time, there may be a lot of rodent urine and droppings in the house.

You don't want to breathe in rodent waste, which is possible once you start moving things around. You also don't want to save anything saturated with rodent urine. When rodents are a problem in a hoard of clutter, it's better to let hoarding sanitation cleanup professionals eliminate the clutter so you don't risk your health. The crew has professional protective equipment to ensure they aren't exposed to dangerous toxins.

Contact a hoarding sanitation cleanup service to learn more.