Own A Restaurant? Importance Of Cleaning The Kitchen Hood

Posted on: 26 January 2023

If you own a restaurant, it is important that you keep everything clean. One thing that can be easy to forget is cleaning the kitchen hood. There are many reasons why you should keep the hood cleaned, three of which are listed below. You will also find information on how a kitchen hood cleaning service works. 

Reasons to Clean Kitchen Hood

One of the main reasons to keep the kitchen hood clean is for safety purposes. Grease builds up on a kitchen hood when it is not cleaned, and this grease can catch on fire. Grease fires are dangerous and can spread throughout your kitchen quickly. The fire would then spread throughout your entire restaurant, and you could lose everything. Employees working in the kitchen can also be injured because these fires can happen quickly. 

A dirty kitchen hood can cause emissions to build up inside your restaurant, which is not safe for employees to breathe in. When food is cooked, the hot air and particles are sucked up through the hood and then through the vent system outside. If the hood is dirty, the vent system is also likely dirty and blocked. Instead of the particles leaving the building, they stay in the kitchen. 

Cleaning the kitchen hood can also save you money. The kitchen hood will last much longer for you so you will not have to buy a new one and pay to have it installed. This can prevent insurance premiums from going up. If your kitchen is in violation, you will have to pay high fees and your insurance premium may go up much higher. 

Cleaning Kitchen Hood

Hire a commercial kitchen hood cleaning service to clean your kitchen hood. This will ensure it is done properly and that you follow codes correctly. This service will first disassemble the kitchen hood and clean the inside of it. All parts are cleaned, and the hood is degreased. They remove the fans from the ductwork and degrease the blades and the base. 

The kitchen hood cleaning service inspects and cleans the exhaust fans. They also inspect the fan belts for deterioration and make sure the belts are not loose. They clean and degrease the hood filter and all accessories. The cleaning service will clean up when they are finished as there may be excess debris, grease, etc. on the floor. 

A commercial kitchen hood cleaning service can give you much more information on how they clean kitchen hoods.