Need Your Stairs Carpeting Cleaned? 3 Tips For Scheduling The Right Service

Posted on: 23 November 2022

Maintaining carpeting on stairs is a lot more complex than maintaining carpeting in other parts of your home. The amount of time and effort involved with cleaning the stairs is significant, making it a great idea to reach out to professional cleaners.

The task can seem intimidating if you're new to hiring professionals for carpet cleaning rather than handling the work yourself. Consider the following tips to make carpet cleaning as easy as possible. 

Have the Carpeting Assessed

The first step to getting your carpeting cleaned on your stairs is to have a professional assessment done. Scheduling an assessment can make it easy to determine how much dirt and debris have built up. This can also be the opportunity to discover if there are any stains or other issues that need to be treated. 

Since looking over the stairs on your own can lead to you missing minor issues, a professional assessment should be prioritized before any other work begins. 

Understand the Timing Involved 

Cleaning the stairs can take a lot more time than cleaning other parts of your home. This can mean your stairs will be out of use for a lot longer than you expected. Since your bedrooms and other important rooms in your home may be located upstairs, you'll need to get a clear understanding of how long cleaning will take. 

Professional carpet cleaners can use the correct equipment and have the right number of people working on cleaning your stairs. This can greatly reduce how long it takes for the carpet to be cleaned and dried. 

Request an Estimate for Stairs

Along with getting details about how long it will take for your carpeting to be cleaned, you need to understand how much this cleaning service costs. It's common for carpet cleaning companies to charge extra for areas that are difficult to clean, such as stairs. Since you could be worried about the cost, it's best to reach out to cleaners and have the carpeting examined.

Details such as how many stairs there are, whether they turn and have a middle landing, and how dirty they are, can all affect the final cost of cleaning.

If you've been meaning to have your stairs deep cleaned, but have held back due to uncertainty about cleaning, it's best to reach out to professionals. The above tips can make it easier to feel confident in the decision to have your carpeting cleaned, allowing you to schedule this essential service for your home. 

For more information, contact a carpet cleaning service near you.