Common Power Washer Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 11 August 2022

It takes quite a lot of effort to clean surfaces, especially on the exterior of your home. In addition, there are surfaces you cannot reach and might require a ladder, which can be an exhausting undertaking. Thanks to technological advances, many types of equipment in the market make work easier. For example, power washers lessen all the stress of cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces. The intense pressure lets you clean dirty surfaces more effectively by pushing out stubborn dirt. However, like most machines, you must be careful about using them. You could make many mistakes when using the pressure washer, which may cost you time and even destroy your property. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Excess Pressure

Using too much pressure when using power washers is not a guarantee of effective cleaning. A lot of pressure might cause significant damage to the surfaces you are cleaning. The pressure can rip off the paint on walls, ruin plants, or even chip the pavements. It is always advisable to start cleaning using low-pressure settings and then adjust accordingly.

Not Using Detergent

The pressure used by power washers is strong enough for deep cleaning. However, this does not mean that you use only water when cleaning. To thoroughly clean surfaces, you should add detergent to the power washer to ensure that you completely get rid of the dirt. You can even add disinfectants to keep the invisible germs away. 

Poor Storage 

It is best to properly store the power washer after use like any other power tool. You should take note of various things before storing your washer. For instance, you should ensure that there is no water in the washer before keeping it away. You must also adequately rinse the tips, especially after a soapy wash. Power washers also have storage tanks for soap, which must be drained and rinsed. After these tasks, you should keep the equipment in a dry place with a favorable temperature to prevent damage.

Not Having a Cleaning Order

Power washers are versatile and can be used to wash roofs or gutters. When cleaning the roof, dirty water typically drips down the walls requiring you to rinse them out or thoroughly wash them. For this reason, it is essential to have a logical order when cleaning. You can start with the roof and then get to the walls and pavements so that water trickling down does not make the surfaces you had cleaned dirty.

It is important to understand the equipment's process before you put it to work. Some tools can be delicate, and any mistake in their use can damage them. Ensure you enlist the help of a residential cleaning expert for best pressure washer practices. 

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