Cleaning Your Carpet

Posted on: 16 June 2022

Carpet can be an attractive type of flooring, but it can be among the options that will be the most difficult for you to keep clean. In many cases, individuals will benefit greatly from having professional carpet cleaning services handle some of the more commonly needed types of cleaning.

Spill Cleaning 

If a spill has happened, it is important to have the carpet treated as quickly as possible. This can limit the risk of the carpet developing a permanent stain due to the spill. While there are stain treatment kits that you can purchase, the option may not be as effective as having a professional service clean the carpet as soon as possible. In fact, many of these services can offer emergency deep treatment for carpets so that the color can be fully restored.

Removing Embedded Dirt

Individuals waling over the carpet can push dirt deep into the fibers of it. Removing these materials from the carpet can be a challenge for a person that does not have the appropriate equipment. Professional carpet cleaners will have devices that can be used to break up and remove the dirt and grime that may be accumulating in the carpet. Individuals will often be surprised at the difference in the color of the carpet after it has the embedded dirt removed from it. In many cases, the carpet's colors will be more vibrant and closer to what they were when the carpet was originally installed.

Deodorizing The Carpet Fibers

Unfortunately, carpets can accumulate odors over the years. These smells can lower the air quality in the building, and it can be extremely noticeable to anyone that enters the building. Those with pets will find that this can be especially problematic as their pet's dander and shedding can lead to musty odors. Steam cleaning the carpet can help eliminate these odors, but it may also be necessary to apply a treatment that can neutralize the odors in the carpet rather than cover them up. At the conclusion of these treatments, you will need to avoid using the carpet until it has fully dried so that you avoid reintroducing odors to the fibers and so that the deodorizing chemicals can be left undisturbed long enough to reach maximum effectiveness. While this may be a slight inconvenience, it can be necessary for ensuring that as many of the odors are removed from the carpet as possible. However, it may only require a few hours if the area has good ventilation and circulation.