Power Washing Vs Pressure Washing: Which One Should You Use?

Posted on: 25 May 2022

It is common to think pressure washing and power washing are the same things and interchangeable. However, there is one significant difference between the two and this difference could destroy things if you use the wrong machine and/or method for a job. This difference is the application of heat. A power washer has an internal heating device that heats the water to a high temperature and the water is also under high pressure. A pressure washer uses pressure alone to get things clean. While either may be used for many jobs, there are some that can use only one. Here are a few things that must use one or the other but not both to avoid damage to the object you are cleaning.

Power Washing

As mentioned above, power washing uses heated water that is pressurized to clean. This method is best when it comes to cleaning grease, oil, or sticky messes that need a bit of melting to remove. Power washing is also best if you need to remove mold, mildew, or salt from cracks and crevices in the sidewalk, driveway, or foundation. However, if the item you are cleaning may melt or warp with heat, you should lower the temperature on the washer if possible. If not, use a pressure washer instead.

Pressure Washing

Without the added heat, a pressure washer is often safer for many jobs. While it may not have the same ability to clean greasy, grimy substances from things, it won't melt the item either. Pressure washing is good for cleaning dirt, dust, and algae. It is good for use on masonry and bricks as there is no heat to cause the grouting to become weak. Pressure washing is also good on wooden things like porches or outbuildings where the change of temperature may cause the wood to swell and contract.

Keep in mind that with either method you can change the amount of pressure being used. You can also change the tips to direct the water more precisely. In addition, adding a detergent or cleaning solution can always be used to help remove grease and grime from the area you are cleaning. This can be especially helpful when you do not want to use power washing because of the heat but need to clean up a greasy mess. Consider which type of cleaning you will use the most, heated or non-heated, then you can choose the machine that will work best for you. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers pressure and power washing services.