3 Reasons Why You Shouldn'T Clean Your Carpet By Yourself

Posted on: 24 January 2022

Learning how to clean a carpet by yourself is often a fun experience. However, you might have a hard time doing it as well as a professional can. You also risk ruining your carpet permanently, and you might be forced to buy a new one too sooner than you think.

Below are three mistakes that an average homeowner makes when cleaning their carpets.

Using the Wrong Equipment

Professional carpet cleaners have specialized equipment to remove any stains. They use steam cleaning, which is an efficient method for deep cleaning.

Apart from cleaning your carpet, steam technology has other excellent benefits. The steam will remove trapped pollutants such as mold, lead, and several foreign particles brought in from outside. Also, steam cleaning can eliminate volatile organic compounds from paint, cigarettes, and other pollutants. 

Excessive pollutants could infiltrate your home without your knowledge. Your children and pets can easily contact these pollutants while they play on the carpet. As a result, they could contract infections that would require urgent medical care.

Using Excessive Detergents

Carpets require thorough deep cleaning to remove stubborn stains and dirt. However, if you're not careful, you can use too much shampoo, which can ruin your carpet. Only an expert would know how much detergent they need to use for each carpet type.

Moreover, some detergents like deodorizing powder may contain too much perfume, which pollutes your home. Some perfumes are too strong and can irritate your nostrils and lungs.

These detergents will also leave some residue on the carpet even after rinsing. The buildup residue will eventually leave your carpet looking dull and dirty. Only professionals can thoroughly rinse a carpet as they use carpet treatments that don't leave behind any harmful residue.

Using Too Much Water

Soaking your carpet for too long will not only damage it but can also invite mold. Sometimes drying a carpet at home is a challenge because of unfavorable weather. So, the carpet may take several days to dry. Oftentimes, excess moisture will be trapped in the carpet's fibers for too long which forms the perfect breeding grounds for mold.

Your carpet may also develop a musty smell if it takes too long to dry. The smell from a wet carpet is persistent and may take several days to dissipate. In addition, your carpet may begin to shrink or tear from the edges.

However, experienced carpet cleaners use special methods to clean and dry your carpet within a few hours. This way, you're guaranteed quality cleaning practices to maintain the integrity of your carpet. Contact a company like Mercy Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, LLC in your area.