Tips On How To Care For Your Carpet After Professional Cleaning

Posted on: 17 November 2021

Professional carpet cleaning services aren't cheap. Typically it costs $0.25 per sq. foot on average. Therefore, you need to ensure you take care of your carpet to keep it clean for as long as possible after the service. Here are a few helpful tips on how to care for your carpet following professional carpet cleaning services.

Avoid Walking on It Immediately After Cleaning

Most carpets are heavy and won't dry immediately after cleaning. A damp carpet is hazardous because it is slippery. Therefore, avoid walking on it immediately after cleaning. Instead, allow it to sit undisturbed for a few hours. Besides, walking on the carpet could re-soil it and cause stains.

You can help speed up the drying process by increasing the heat around your house. The carpet will dry faster since the warm air around the house will absorb the moisture. Alternatively, you can use fans or open the windows.

Use a Carpet Protector and Clean Up Spills Immediately After They Happen

After carpet cleaning, you can help prevent re-soiling on the carpet by using a carpet protector. The protector acts as a shield that keeps stains and dirt away from your carpet. Additionally, it helps reduce the frequency of seeking carpet cleaning services.

You should also purposely clean up any spills immediately after they happen to avoid having a soiled carpet. It is easier to clean up stains immediately before they stick on the carpet and worsen. You can easily clean stains using a paper towel and carpet spotter. Remember to blot the stained spot gently.

Avoid Stepping on the Carpet with Your Shoes On

Consider taking off your shoes before walking on your carpet. Since you have been walking around in shoes outside, they carry a lot of dust. Additionally, shoes have tread patterns that will imprint themselves on the carpet.

While your shoe may appear clean at a glance, they may push the debris on the carpet further into the fiber. A no-shoe policy on the carpet will ensure your carpet stays clean for a longer period after cleaning.

Constantly Rotate Furniture and Avoid Placing Your Carpet Near Windows

When did you last rotate furniture around your home? Furniture tends to be heavy, and they exert intense pressure on the carpet. Thus, if left at the same spot for long, it could damage your carpet. Rotating your furniture helps minimize the damage on the carpet.

Additionally, sunlight can damage carpets. While it may seem like a great idea to place your carpet across the entire room, consider leaving out areas near the windows. Sun rays tend to scorch the carpet and could discolor it.

For more information, contact a carpet cleaning service near you.