Had Twins And No Time To Clean Your House? How A House Cleaning Service Can Help You

Posted on: 26 October 2021

If you just had twins, you have your hands full, and this can be difficult to find time to clean. Fortunately, there are house cleaning services available that can come to your rescue so you can concentrate on taking care of your babies. Below is information on how they can help you so you can find a service.

What The House Cleaning Services Offers

Even though not all house cleaning services do the same thing, most offer the same type of cleaning services. For example, they offer cleaning windows, washing dishes, and emptying and filling the dishwasher. Some services may take out the garbage for you, and some will even offer recycling. 

You can ask the cleaning service to focus on certain things in your home. You may want them to focus on your kitchen or your bathroom. You can ask them to not clean another room, such as a living room, if you don't want your entire house clean. This can save you money. 

When it comes to your whole house, the cleaning service can pick up clutter, toys, etc.; dust furniture, décor, and wall art; vacuum the carpet or rugs; sweep and mop the floors; clean windows and blinds; and more. In the kitchen, they can wipe down your stove and inside the microwave. They will scrub your counters and wipe down appliances. For the bathroom, the cleaning service will clean the toilets, wipe down counters and sink, scrub the shower and/or bathtub, and clean faucets, showerheads, tiles, and mirrors. 

In bedrooms, cleaning services will vacuum, dust, clean windows, change beds, pick up clutter, and more. 


You have many options when it comes to setting up a cleaning schedule with the house cleaning service. You may want them to come twice a week or daily. You can also ask them to come once a week or more. If you want, you can have them come once a month to deep clean your home. If you only want them to come one time that is also an option. For example, you could have them deep clean your home, and then you can do the weekly cleaning yourself. 

Consider the time when you want the cleaning service to come to your home. For example, you should consider when your babies normally sleep as the cleaning service will likely wake them up. You can ask them to arrive in the morning or in the afternoon. The exact schedule will depend on the house cleaning service you hire.

Talk with a few house cleaning services in your area to learn much more about how they can help you.