4 Telltale Signs You Need To Schedule Air Duct Cleaning Services

Posted on: 24 August 2021

Owning a home comes with joy, stability, and financial security. However, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Generally, you will have a list of to-do home maintenance tasks that need your attention. Unfortunately, it's easy to keep putting off some tasks until the worst comes to pass. One such crucial home maintenance task that many homeowners ignore is air duct cleaning. Here are some signs to watch out for so you can take necessary action.

1. Uneven Air Distribution

Do some rooms in your home connected to the air conditioner feel warmer than the rest of the house? Your air conditioner is designed to distribute cool air evenly and with equal strength, provided you have installed vents in all rooms. When you notice uneven airflow, something is undoubtedly amiss.

Clogged vents inside the duct systems could cause this problem. This may also indicate air leakage from damaged ducts. Reach out to the experts for accurate diagnosis and cleaning services to address the problem.

2. You Have No Prior Records of Duct Cleaning

Whether you just moved into a new home or you didn't know that your ducts need cleaning, there are high chances dirt and debris have accumulated in the vents. The buildup of dirt and debris in your vents causes clogs and poor air quality. This explains why you possibly struggle with respiratory infections or why dust seems to settle too quickly in your house.

Consider scheduling professional air duct cleaning services if it's been a long time since you cleaned the ducts. Also, if your attempts to clean them failed to yield positive results, you could hire experts for help.

3. Mold Growth

It is not easy to detect mold growth around, inside, or on the vents. However, failure to clean your ducts regularly may encourage mold growth that could spread to other parts of the house.

If you have noticed mold growth within your AC system, vents, or adjacent structures, it's time to take action and hire professionals. Immediate cleaning may help prevent expensive remediation services.

4. Visible Buildup of Debris

When visually inspecting your home, you may notice the air register heavily riddled with dust, debris, and pet hair. The air register gives you a visual presentation of what your vents look like. However, before the buildup gets worse and creates obstructions, you should call professions for air duct cleaning services.

Postponing duct cleaning services could lead to health problems and poor indoor air quality. If you have noticed any of the signs described, it is advisable to reach out to the experts for help.