3 Technology Trends in Office Cleaning Services

Posted on: 16 July 2021

Office cleaning services are essential for every modern, reputable company. These services have become more relevant with the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. But COVID didn't only bring the best cleaning services to the market; it also triggered the development of new cleaning technologies that are considered safe and reliable.

The following technology trends have taken over the office cleaning industry and have simplified how cleaning is done in offices.

Electrostatic Spray Technology

The need to sanitize and clean surfaces in offices today has prompted electrostatic spray technology. This technology is the latest way to apply sanitizers, disinfectants, and cleaners on surfaces without having direct contact with the surfaces. The technology helps treat surfaces much faster than the conventional disinfection methods.

As sanitizers and disinfectants pass through the spray nozzle, they're released electrostatically to the targeted surface to kill germs and sanitize the surface for safer use. Since the liquids are sprayed out in uniform layers to cover every part of the surface, the electrostatic spray technology remains the most reliable office cleaning technology today.

Floor Cleaning Robots

Robots seem to be offering better floor cleaning services as they work faster and more efficiently than humans. With the eruption of COVID-19, these floor cleaners have become so popular because they help reduce the need for people to physically clean and disinfect floors. 

These robots can work effectively to clean floors and sense corners and walls when doing so. However, they cannot replace humans entirely and will need human guidance to achieve their roles efficiently. While better robots that can standardize human cleaning tasks and optimize them are being developed by the day, they will still need humans to monitor their operations and manage them.

Incorporation of Green Cleaning 

Every time the world talks about going green, people rarely think about going green in cleaning services or products. The environmentally-conscious way of life quickly gains momentum in the office cleaning industry, both in the products used and the processes employed to achieve success. 

The cleaning companies employ environmentally friendly cleaning products that you can easily dispose of after use without worrying about affecting the environment. The sanitizers, soaps, and cleaning detergents used are all friendly to plants and animals. You can easily dispose of the used product in the backyard without harming the plants or animals cohabiting there.

If you would like to learn more about these or other options, contact local commercial cleaning services.