Questions To Ask When Hiring A Housekeeping Service For The First Time

Posted on: 17 August 2020

Whether you are just barely ever home or simply do not like to clean, housekeeping services are more accessible now than ever. You can get a maid to come to your home and do all the chores you can't handle on your own. Here is a look at some of the things to ask when you place a call for service. 

Do you have to sign a service contract?

Most modern housekeeping services do not require that you sign a service contract. You can simply arrange for the service to clean on an as-needed basis. However, if you want to commit to ongoing service, a service contract may be involved that covers how often the professionals will clean, what you will pay, and the duration of the service. 

Will the maid clean your home even if you aren't home?

You may not need to be home when your home is cleaned; it is up to the provider. Some will ask that you are present for the first visit so you can show them around and explain your needs, but some will allow you to simply leave a key to get in and give them detailed instructions over the phone. If you have an alarm system, you will have to remotely deactivate it or leave it deactivated before you leave the house. 

Is it OK if you have pets in the house?

Most maid services will be perfectly fine if you have pets in the house, but this is something to ask when you call to request service. It is kind to let the service provider know that you have animals so they will not be surprised by them and can plan accordingly. If you do not plan to be home when the maid service arrives but your pets will be there, you may be asked to place them in a kennel or a room where they will be contained while the professionals clean. 

What if you have certain things/rooms you don't want to be cleaned?

If you have certain parts of your home or items in your home that you would prefer not to be cleaned, just make sure you let the maid service know beforehand. You can tuck away heirloom or valuable items so they will not be disturbed or keep doors to rooms you do not want cleaned closed. It is totally up to you to decide what you want to be cleaned and what you would rather handle on your own, and all professionals understand this.