3 Things To Do Before Professional Cleaners Arrive

Posted on: 18 July 2019

Cleaning professionals have tidying and sanitizing down to a science, but that doesn't mean they can take care of everything in your home in a single visit. To get the most out of your next appointment, it can be helpful to take care of a few things beforehand. Here are three things you should take care of before professional cleaners arrive and why.

1.    Pick Up Large Out-Of-Place Items

While cleaning professionals can help to tidy up things that have an obvious place, it is impossible for them to know what to do with those out-of-place blankets, books, or other household objects. If you have large, out-of-place items in your home, pick things up before your cleaning service starts.

In addition to helping to clear the floor to make it easier for professionals to work, tidying up also makes it possible for professionals to focus on deep-cleaning and sanitizing your home, which can help to improve your visit outcome.

2.    Find Pet and Child Care

Kids and pets can get excited when new people come to your home, but unfortunately, they can also interrupt cleaning time. Additionally, you may not want children or pets around when certain cleaning products are used, so consider finding pet and child care prior to your cleaning appointment.

Talk with neighbors, friends, or family members about watching your kids or pets for a few hours during your cleaning session. Pack things for your kids to do, so they don't grow bored when they are being watched. If possible, have kids and pets do non-messy activities while they are away, so they don't track mud and dirt into your home when they return.

3.    Jot Down Your List of Must-Haves

Every homeowner has a different list of preferences, and cleaning professionals aren't mind readers. Before you have a residential cleaning service come to your home to help, write down a list of must-have cleaning tasks like mopping the floor, vacuuming your upholstery, or sanitizing your kitchen surfaces. When cleaners have access to a list, they can make sure to tackle those items first, making your home clean, tidy, and welcoming.

By taking the time to adequately prepare for your professional cleaning visit, you can ensure a successful appointment and enjoy a cleaner, more beautiful home. If you have more questions about how to pave the way for a cleaner home, talk with your team of cleaners to see what they recommend.