Clean Your House From Top To Bottom

Posted on: 27 February 2019

Are you planning on entertaining a lot this spring and summer? Perhaps you have an annual open house on Easter Sunday, or maybe you will be entertaining out-of-town friends at your home. No matter what the situation that inspires you to clean your house from top to bottom, think of starting with a plan. From work you do yourself and with family members to floor cleaning that professionals will do, here are some ideas that might help you.

Work For You And Your Family - If you have a spouse and children who are willing to help you with your house cleaning project, count yourself very lucky. After all, many hands mean lighter work, right? Think of working as teams. For example, as a team, all of you together can go through things like DVDs, CDs, puzzles and board games to decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you will give away. Teams of two people could do other jobs together. For example, an older sibling and a younger brother or sister could work together to clean kitchen and bathroom cabinets while two others clean countertops. 

Think of writing down all the jobs that need to be accomplished. As each job is finished, have whoever is doing the job check it off the list. Some jobs might take more than one attempt. For example, if you have excess items in your garage and in your attic, it might take more than one day to finish those jobs. Think of arranging for a charity organization to pick up things on a certain day right after you have finished the cleaning of your house.

Work For Professionals - Have you considered hiring professionals to do part of the cleaning? For example, if you have tile floors, you can sweep and mop them, but you probably already realize that they are not as clean as they could be. Professional floor cleaners like those at Steamology Carpet and Tile Cleaning will have the right equipment to deep clean those tile floors and the grout between each tile. In addition, the cleaners will have the best products to use so that your tile floors will look like new. The same goes for any wooden flooring you might have. Professionals will use gentle products that won't damage the wood. Cleaning it and buffing it will leave it looking like it did when it was brand new.

Think of hiring professionals to clean hard-to-reach windows, too. They'll have long-handled cleaning tools and extra tall ladders to clean the windows safely as they make them shine. Consider asking the floor cleaners and the window cleaners to return to your home on a regular basis, maybe monthly or quarterly a year.