Invest In Landscape Changes To Improve Your Pool Experience

Posted on: 3 December 2018

A homeowner that does not have much going on in their backyard may not mind placing an emphasis on maintaining a healthy landscape with grass and plants all over. But, you may own a home and have a pool in the backyard, which may not get used as often as you would like.

All it takes is a few small nuisances to discourage you from spending time in your pool. Also, since pools require constant upkeep, you might end up falling behind and stopping entirely. You should hire a landscape service, like Home & Commercial Cleaning Service, to help with landscape changes to improve your pool experience.


In certain areas of the pool, you may love the idea of having natural shade. This feature provides you with relief from the sun and possibly put a halt to the wear and tear of the sun. If you want shade, you can stay in the pool and move over to the shaded area without getting out entirely.

To make this happen, you will want to grow shade trees in strategical locations. Planting seeds can take years before you see any real results, so you will find it better to plant saplings. Going with saplings for fast-growing shade trees can produce meaningful results in just a year or two.


Getting shade may not be an issue for you pool if you have large trees looming over the pool. You may have so much shade that it is difficult to get decent sunlight coverage for the pool. If you like the idea of the sun warming up your pool in the summer, you should get more sunlight.

A landscape professional can inspect all the trees on your property to determine which ones are worth removing to make the greatest impact while still maintaining a beautiful yard.


If you have a landscape in which twigs, leaves, seeds, and flowers litter the pool throughout the entire year, you may feel discouraged at times when you go outside for routine cleaning. In some cases, you may be able to move plants to another area where the debris will not get in the pool.

When this is not an option, you may have to opt for plant removal. However, this will help you enjoy your pool and you can replace everything that you remove with more suitable plants.

Changing the landscape is an effective way to make your pool more enticing to use.