Four Benefits Of Clean Air Ducts

Posted on: 26 September 2017

If you have a cooling or heating ventilation system in your house, you also have air ducts connecting the air flow to all the rooms in the property. Without the ducts, the rooms would not heat or cool down as you want. The ducts also draw allergens and dirt out of the rooms and are designed to keep the air in your house clean and healthy. When the ducts are not clean, they can't do their job as they are supposed to and the air becomes less clean and unhealthy. This guide defines the benefits of clean air ducts and the best ways to clean them.

Air Quality

As mentioned above, the quality of the air is diminished when the air ducts are dirty. Cleaning the ducts will mean improved air quality, which means you and your family can breathe a lot easier. Since the dirty ducts don't draw out allergens as well as they should, anyone with allergies will suffer more if the ducts aren't clean. Young children, elderly people, and anyone with asthma will benefit from the clean air to help keep them healthy. 

Air Flow

When the ducts are clogged or really dirty, the air flow inside the property is not as good as it needs to be. You may find that the house doesn't heat or cool down like it used to. This is because the air can no longer move around like before. Until you can get your air ducts cleaned, utilize ceiling fans to help move the air around the room. Turn the fans to the counterclockwise setting for the best results.

Dirty Air

As you can imagine, having dirty ducts can cause the entire house to be dirtier. The dust filled ducts will push dust into rooms along with the air it's sending through the duct. You might find yourself cleaning up extra dust each day, which can become a hassle, not to mention bad for your health. People with allergies to dust can be particularly affected by this.

Energy Costs

You may find your energy bills going up when your air ducts need to be cleaned. This is because of the amount of air the ducts draw in each day, filling up the ventilation filters much quicker than usual. The entire system has to work overtime to compensate for the dirty filters and ducts. The harder the system works, the higher the energy bills go.


If your air ducts need to be cleaned, you need to hire a professional HVAC contractor or a cleaning company, such as Cleanway Cleaning and Restoration. They will suck the entire dust and contaminates out of the ducts and return them to pristine condition. They will even replace or clean dirty filters if it is needed.