The Steps Involved In Stone Restoration

Posted on: 29 August 2017

If you have natural stone floors, countertops or other surfaces, your stone may look dirty, cloudy and worn overtime. This happens to all types of stone including marble, granite, slate, and terrazzo. Fortunately, stone restoration can be done to help remove imperfections and make your stone look as great as it did on the day it was installed. Here are the steps that are involved in a stone restoration project:

Stripping Topical Finishes

The first step that will be done is to strip away all of the topical finishes that have been applied to your surface. This may include polishes and sealers. While these polishes and sealers go on clean, they can begin to yellow, become cloudy or become dull over time. When this occurs, most people add a new layer of polish or sealer. While this will work a couple of times, eventually, it will stop working and all you will be left with is a thick layer of polish or sealer that causes your stone to look dull and discolored. Striping away the finish can remove cloudiness, yellowness, and dullness. 

Removing Scuffs and Scratches

Once the topical finishes are stripped away, a stone restoration company will being to remove scuffs and scratches from your stone. This is typically done by buffing them away. However, if they will not buff out, strongly tools may be used to sand away the outer most layer of the stone, revealing a new layer that has no scratches, scuffs or minor dings. It is important to note that doing this will slightly reduce the thickness of your stone surface. As such, it should not be done often. 

Eliminating Surface Stains

If there are any surface stains on your stone, these can be buffed out or the outer most layer can be removed to eliminate the surface stone and restore the original color to your stone. It is important to note that stone is porous, and some stains may get absorbed deep within the stone. If the stain is deep, there may not be anyway to completely remove it. 

Restoring the Shine 

The last step to stone restoration is to restore the shine to your freshly cleaned and restored stone surface. This may involve using an impregnator to fill in pores, applying a new seal or simply cleaning the stone and shining it up for you. 

If you have tried to clean and buff your stone surfaces, and imperfections still remain, it is time to call in a professional. A professional will follow these steps to properly restore your stone and get it looking its best again. 

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