Remove Wood Glue From Stone Tile Flooring

Posted on: 16 August 2017

If your child spilled wood glue onto a corner of the stone tile flooring in your home's kitchen while working on a school project, removing the glue promptly will prevent damage to the flooring and will restore the stone surface's natural beauty. The steps below will walk you through the cleaning process with the aid of common tools and products:


  • cleaning cloth
  • bucket 
  • warm water
  • vinegar
  • spoon or stick
  • dish towel
  • scraper with plastic blade
  • thin scrub brush
  • nylon scrubbing pad
  • adhesive remover
  • floor cleaning agent (formulated for use on stone surfaces)
  • mop

Remove Wet Glue And Soften Dry Glue

Fold a cleaning cloth in quarters and press one side of the cloth against wet wood glue to absorb the substance. Do not rub the glue with the cloth because the substance may become embedded between crevices in the tiles. If glue has already hardened, fill a bucket with moderately warm water. Pour a little white vinegar into the bucket.

Use a long-handled spoon or wooden stick to blend the vinegar with the water. Dampen a dish towel with the water and vinegar mixture. After wringing out the towel, drape the towel over the hardened glue. Leave the towel on the glue for several minutes so that the substance softens. Afterward, use a scraper with a plastic blade to lift the glue from the stone surface.

Eliminate Traces Of Glue 

If any of the glue dried on crevices in the tile flooring and was not removed with the dish cloth, dip a thin scrub brush or a nylon pad into the vinegar and water mixture. Move either tool briskly against the glue-covered surfaces. More vinegar can be added to the bucket if the initial removal process wasn't successful and the cleaning solution needs to be strengthened.

Another option is to pour a small amount of adhesive remover onto the hardened glue before using a scrub brush or pad to remove the adhesive. If you choose to use an adhesive remover, read the back of the remover's bottle to acquire information about the product's contents. If strong chemicals that could damage the flooring are listed on the bottle, avoid using the product. Otherwise, the adhesive remover will not pose a threat to the tile flooring. 

Clean The Stone Surface

Empty the bucket and rinse it out with fresh water. Fill the bucket with water and pour a floor cleaning agent into the bucket. After stirring the bucket's contents, use a sponge mop to apply the cleaning product to the tile flooring. Allow the flooring to air dry. 

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