Three Ways to Give Your Home a Last-Minute Spruce Before Putting It on the Market

Posted on: 15 August 2017

When you list your home, you want the exterior to look its absolute best so that potential buyers who drive by cannot help but stop and take a look. While a complete landscaping makeover or new siding may be out of the question if your listing date is just a week or two away, there are still some ways to give your home exterior a quick spruce. Here's a look.

Have your siding pressure washed

Most homeowners don't realize how dirty their siding actually is until they have it cleaned and see the difference. There are many companies who you can hire to come pressure wash your home. Most only charge a few hundred dollars for this service, and it is well worth it since it will make your home absolutely sparkle. Of course, if you have a pressure washer, you could always spend an afternoon washing the siding yourself. Remember to spray across, not up and down, and to start near the top of the home and work your way down. Contact a pressure washing service for more information.

Edge your flower beds

Even if your flower beds are neatly planted and weeded, they won't look pristine if the edges are sinking in or overgrown. Use an edging tool to trace around the edges of each of your garden beds. If you do not have an edging tool, you can use a spade. Just make short cuts straight into the dirt right along the edge of the bed, and toss the dirt you dig up into the bed -- or if your beds are mulched, pile it up in a hidden spot.

Wash the windows

Dirty windows can make the whole house look dirtier. When they're nice and clean, they let so much more light shine inside, and they also make your home's exterior gleam. Most windows these days are pretty easy to clean since you can fold them inward and clean the outsides from the inside of your home. Make sure you clean them with soapy water and a squeegee, rather than window cleaner, as this method leaves fewer streaks. Try to clean the windows on a cloudy day since the sunshine can cause them to dry streaky, too.

After a quick power wash, careful edging of the landscape, and a thorough window cleaning, your home will truly be ready to be presented for sale. Take some pictures of your newly polished home to include in your ad, too!