4 Features To Look For In A Commercial Vacuum

Posted on: 3 August 2017

If you need to invest in a commercial vacuum to use for your business, make sure that the vacuum cleaner fits your specific business-related vacuuming needs.

#1 Automatically Adjusts For Different Flooring Types

One of the features that you are going to want to look for in your next vacuum cleaner is one that automatically adjusts the height of the head of the vacuum based on the type of floor that it is on. This feature can be really beneficial if you, for example, have both carpet and vinyl in your place of business or if you have any combination of different flooring, this is a great feature. It will save you time when you are vacuuming, and it will help ensure that you don't damage your business flooring by failing to change the height of your vacuum cleaner.

#2 Location Of The Switch

Second, pay attention to where the switch is located. You are going to want a switch location that is convenient so you can quickly turn the vacuum on and/or off when necessary. If for example, a customer was to walk in when you were vacuuming, you would want to be able to flip the vacuum off quickly. Look for a vacuum with an on/off switch that is located on the handle and not on the main body of the unit.

#3 Low Profile Head

Third, pay attention to the head of the vacuum. If you want to be able to vacuum under the edge of furniture, you are going to need a low-profile head. If the head is too large, you are not going to be able to clean under the edge of furniture in your business. A low-profile head is an excellent way to make sure that you keep your business even more spotless.

#4 Length Of The Power Cord

Finally, you don't want to have to plug your vacuum cleaner into an extension cord every time that you need to vacuum your business. Look for a commercial vacuum that comes with an extra-long cord. The more length the cord has, the more ground you will be able to cover without having to use an extension cord or by wasting time unplugging and plug in your vacuum cleaner in various locations.

When shopping for a commercial vacuum cleaner for your business needs, make sure that it automatically adjusts height based on types of flooring, has an easily-accessible switch, a low-profile head, and a nice long cord. Contact a company, like Peerless Building Maintenance, for more help.