4 Universal Rules For Cleaning Stains On Your Carpet

Posted on: 2 August 2017

When it comes to cleaning stains out of your carpets, you will find different tricks for all types of stains. However, no matter what type of stain you are facing, there are a few universal rules that you should keep in mind for cleaning all types of stains out of your carpet.

#1 Clean The Stain Right Away

When you drop something on your carpet, do not let it sit there until you have time to deal with it. The longer the stain sits on your carpet, the great the chance that the stain will set into your carpet and do some real harm. You are going to have the best luck removing a stain from your carpet if you act as soon as you notice the stain.

Even if you don't see the stain when it is fresh, and instead notice it later, it is still not a good idea to let it sit any longer and settle further into your carpet. Quick action can save your carpet when it comes to spills and messes.

#2 Always Blot, Don't Scrub

When you remove a mess from your carpet, you want to blot at the stain. You don't want to scrub at the stain. The difference is with blotting, you take a cloth and gently dab it on it on the stain. You apply as little pressure as possible, moving to a fresh part of the cloth of paper towel each time to slowly and steadily absorb the liquid or food item off of your carpet.

When you scrub at the stain, you are pressing down on the stain and pushing it further into the carpet fiber. This can damage your carpet fibers and actually cause the stain to settle into your carpet.

In order to get rid of a stain, you want to blot and use as little pressure as possible to protect your carpet fibers.

#3 Use As Little Cleaning Product As Possible

Don't overdo it with the cleaning products. Too many cleaning products in the same place can actually do damage to your carpet, even simple cleaning products such as dish soap. Use the minimum amount of cleaning products possible when you start cleaning a stain on your carpet, and then add more product as necessary. If you are using a new cleaning product, you also want to use as little as possible to see how the product reacts with your carpet. You don't want to pour a cleaning product over a large area of your carpet, only to end up with a large faded spot on your carpet because the product lifted the color as well as the stain from your carpet.

#4 Dry It Off

Whenever you are done cleaning up a stain on your carpet, it is important to properly dry the area that you were cleaning. Use a towel to blot and dry the area. You can also dry the area off by vacuuming the area, which will help straighten out the carpet fibers as well. If you got your carpet really wet, you may want to set up a fan to help dry out your carpet.

Leaving a wet spot on your carpet for a prolonged amount of time can result in mold and mildew growing in your carpet, which is a scenario that you want to avoid.

The four tips above are rules you should follow for any type of stain you are facing on your carpet. It is also a good idea to keep some basic cleaning supplies on hand to deal with carpet stains, such as clean clothes, dish soap, vinegar, baking soda and paint remover. Contact a cleaner, like Wood's Cleaning & Restoration, for more help.